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Chief Brand’s Sauces & Essences Combos


Chief Brand introduces our Combo Packs of a Special Mix of our delicious Sauces and Tasty Essences! Choose from our four combinations of sauces.

Get a nice mix of Savoury, Hot, and Soy Sauces. Combo Mix includes our Cassareep, Worcestershire, Teriyaki, and Caramel Browning!

Feel some heat with our Tamarind, Lime Hot, Homestyle, and Scorpion Hot Sauces, and some of our Asian-inspired sauces like Plain Soy, Ginger Soy, and Garlic Soy!

Completing this line-up is the Chief Brand Essences! Flavour up your desserts with Vanilla, Cherry, Clove, and Coconut flavours! Get yours soon!

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