CHIEF BRAND PRODUCTS has evolved as a “culinary master-blender” through years of delicately marrying tradition, innovation and pioneering practices.

As a company mindful of emerging worldwide trends and standards, we will strive to be a competitive and globally recognized company through the pursuance of international certification in food, safety, occupational health and safety and the environment, through regulated training of our staff and the acquisition of new technologies.

We are proud of our achievements and encourage a standard of excellence in our work, which is reflected in the quality of our products. So too, Chief Brand Products ensures the welfare of our employees and our community at large, and proudly state:

“The Chief Reason is Always Taste… Yours and Ours”


Chief Brand Products is located in Trinidad & Tobago. The company was established by Sayeed Khan in 1957 and today is the largest manufacturer/exporter of spices, seasonings and condiments in the entire Caribbean region.


Established since 1957, the company manufactures and distributes various product lines. Beginning with curry, the company’s expanded production line now comprises more than 120 top-of-the-line exclusive quality products under several brand names.

Use our range of select spices and seasonings to bring out and enhance the natural flavors and juices of meats, seafood, poultry and vegetables. Our drink mixes and snacks make welcome counterparts to the perfect meal. Click on the link icons to your left to explore our products.


Our motto “The Chief Reason is Always Taste… Yours and Ours” reflects the company’s vision to deliver quality products for enhancing the flavour of culinary delights. Chief Brand Products are at home in both the housewife’s cabinet as well as the kitchens of some of the biggest restaurants and hotels in the region.

Each individual product has been painstakingly and carefully developed to impart rich, full flavours to transform any ordinary dish or meal into a tasty and exceptional delight. Our products not only deliver distinctive tastes, but are also easy-to-use and convenient for anyone who wants to create a masterpiece meal in minutes.

We take the guesswork and hard work out of the art of making the right combinations of spices and seasonings – all you have to do is open the pack.


Perfection and high quality are key factors in our production processes. In keeping with far Eastern traditions, only the finest quality grains are selected, to be ground and skilfully blended following the secret formulas and recipes handed down by our ancestors.

Strict quality control measures and supervision procedures are in place at our factory and warehouse, ensuring that all finished products bearing our brand logos meet our quality requirements and are of the highest standards.

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Snack Production


Manufacturing is done at our head office and warehousing complex in Charlieville, Trinidad, W.I. Our products are marketed locally throughout Trinidad & Tobago, regionally throughout the Caribbean territories and internationally in such countries as USA, Latin America, Canada, The United Kingdom and across Europe.


Our company was awarded the “International Food America” Award Trophy in Mexico for our achievements in product development and for the high standards of quality which we practise and maintain. Our products are also frequently displayed at trade fairs and exhibitions, both locally and internationally.