Dry Seasonings Packets

Adobo Seasoning40gQuick View
All Purpose Seasoning40gQuick View
Biryani Seasoning40gQuick View
Black Pepper (Ground)5g, 30g, 85gQuick View
Cayenne Pepper30gQuick View
Chicken Seasoning40gQuick View
Chilli Flakes30gQuick View
Chillies (Ground)30gQuick View
Chinese Seasoning Salt40gQuick View
Chow Mein Seasoning40gQuick View
Cook Up Seasoning40gQuick View
Eleven Herbs & Spices40gQuick View
Fish Seasoning40gQuick View
Fried Rice Seasoning40gQuick View
Garlic & Parsley40gQuick View
Garlic Powder40g, 75gQuick View
Garlic Salt40gQuick View
Ginger Powder40gQuick View
Gyro Seasoning40gQuick View
Hakka Seasoning40gQuick View
Iodized Salt500gQuick View
Italian Seasoning20gQuick View
Jerk Seasoning40gQuick View
Mathee Whole30g
Meat Tenderizer - Seasoned40gQuick View
Onion Powder40g, 75gQuick View
Onion Salt40g
Oregano20gQuick View
Paprika40gQuick View
Parsley Flakes15gQuick View
Pizza Seasoning20gQuick View
Rotisserie Seasoning40gQuick View
Seafood Seasoning40gQuick View
Smoked Paprika40gQuick View
Steak Seasoning Rub40gQuick View
Thyme Whole15gQuick View
Vetsin28g, 85gQuick View
White Pepper30gQuick View
Wild Meat Seasoning60g

Dry Seasonings Shakers

All Purpose Seasoning120g, 220g, 1000g
Black Pepper (Ground)70g, 145g, 600g
Cajun Seasoning550g
Celery Powder60g
Celery Salt125g
Chicken Seasoning110g
Chilli Powder70g
Chillies Ground60g, 500g
Chinese Seasoning Salt100g
Chinese Seasoning Powder55g
Chow Mein Seasoning110g, 700g
Cook-up Seasoning120g
Cumin Ground600g
Fish Seasoning120g
Fried Rice Seasoning110g, 210g, 900g
Garlic Powder90g, 250g, 700g
Garlic Salt130g
Ginger Powder60g, 110g, 500g
Himalayan Pink Salt145g, 350g, 1200g
Italian Seasoning20g, 250g
Jerk Seasoning75g, 130g, 560g, 600g
Meat Tenderizer - Non Seasoned155g
Meat Tenderizer - Seasoned140g, 225g
Mixed Spice60g
Onion Powder95g, 160g, 700g
Onion Salt135g
Oregano Flakes45g, 200g
Paprika80g, 140g, 500g
Parsley Flakes10g
Pizza Seasoning300g
Poultry Seasoning110g, 195g, 700g, 900g
Seafood Seasoning100g, 800g
Smoked Paprika140g
Steak Seasoning Rub185g
Thyme25g, 200g
White Pepper56g, 70g, 500g


Here for every meal, for each unique flavor… however you choose to prepare your dish, you can count on Chief Brand Products Dry Seasonings to add aroma, flavour and taste.