We're the largest manufacturer / exporter of spices, seasonings and condiments in the entire Caribbean region.

Largest Caribbean Manufacturer

Born in Trinidad and with a rich history, we’re the largest manufacturer/exporter of spices, seasonings and condiments in the entire Caribbean region.

Many Exclusive Brands

Our expanded production line now comprises more than 120 top-of-the-line exclusive quality products under several popular brands.

International Distribution

With our overseas distribution network, our brands are available throughout the Caribbean, North America, Europe and the rest of the world.

Featured Recipes

Our motto “The Chief Reason is Taste… Yours and Ours” reflects the company’s vision to deliver quality products for enhancing the flavour of culinary delights.

Make Me Some More Mutton...Curry!

Bring the warmth of Eid to your dinner table.

Spice up your festivities with this mouthwatering recipe!

Perfect for bringing family and friends together. Let Chief Brand add that extra magic and Chief reason to your feast this Eid!

Easy to prepare, anyone can make this delicious dish. Pair with your favourite roti-paratha, dhalpourie OR even basmati rice!

Lastly, add a touch of heat with our Homestyle Pepper Sauce!

Our Products

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The Chief Reason is always Taste and we are proud to have been flavouring pots for 60 years and counting.
Cooking With Chief

How To Make Chief Brand's Sawine

1. Ingredients

Gather up all your Chief ingredients!

2. Prepare

Flavour up your boiling water with spices

3. Cook

Add vermicelli, toppings, sugar and milk

4. Serve

Start serving up to your guests and enjoy!

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