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Restaurant, Roti Shop & Roadside Food!

The culinary world has always been an exciting and dynamic space, filled with endless creativity and innovation. And now, with the introduction of a new show called “Restaurant, Roti Shop & Roadside Food”, Chief Brand Products invites Trinidad and Tobago’s local cuisine to a platform to shine!

A playful spoof on the popular food and travel TV shows that have gained a cult following in recent years. However, instead of jet-setting to exotic locations around the world, “Restaurant, Roti Shop & Roadside Food” focuses solely on the culinary delights of Trinidad and Tobago!

Each episode features a new chef or cook, showcasing their unique take on traditional Trinidadian dishes. From classic roti to mouth-watering doubles and savoury shark and bake, viewers are treated to a culinary journey through the streets and back roads of Trinidad and Tobago.

But what sets “Restaurant, Roti Shop & Roadside Foods” apart from other food shows is its playful and lighthearted approach. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, allowing the chefs to showcase their personalities and share their stories alongside their cooking.

For Trinidad and Tobago’s culinary scene, “Restaurant, Roti Shop & Roadside Foodside” is a welcome addition. It shines a spotlight on the diversity and creativity of local cooks and encourages viewers to try new dishes and explore the rich culinary traditions of the islands.

A must-watch for anyone who loves food, travel, and a good laugh. So grab ah plate of your favourite Trini dish and settle in for a fun and delicious ride!

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