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We Outside Video Series a Stunning Success

What started out as a regular cooking video but done outdoors as it was a trending concept at the time, quickly took a life of it’s own and evolved to what you see today. Celebrities, home-cooks, and business owners, coupled with the enigmatic Chef Jason, made for fun entertainment, informative lessons, and lots of jokes and laughter worthy of a TV show.  Not to mention, learning excellent cooking techniques with the best ingredients resulting in of course…GOOD FOOD!

Here nah, is yaad fowl, Christmas rice, fireside curry, breadfruit, conchs and fish, empanada, curry goat, and barfi. We eh joke cook outside yuh know!

Then the locations all over the country got everyone excited to see where we’d be next, causing heartache for all the homesick Trinis living in ‘foreign’. We gone places like Caroni Swamp, Sea Lots, and Tabaquite. And of course, had a great lime with all the great cooks, chefs and celebrities, like JW, Marcia, Deepa, Anndres, Big Rich and Sweets.

Chef Jason’s antics and skits

Chief’s Brand Ambassador Chef Jason Peru is totally comfortable hamming it up for the camera and up to any crazy idea for a skit. The skits also evolved to where they are today, now a standard feature, almost a requirement for every episode as everyone looks forward to them.

Million+ views on social media

The Chief Brand Products WE OUTSIDE video series has been nothing short of spectacular, reaching tens of thousands in mere hours of posting and garnering hundreds of thousands in the following days. Overall views and reach are in the millions, all organic, and reaching people all over the world.

Now in it’s second season

We at Chief Brand Products know we have a winner on our hands, something the people really enjoy, so of course we knew there was no stopping the show. The second season of We Outside is now in full swing, bringing you heavy hitters last December with Marcia Miranda and Leon Coldero.

But the show is not about celebrities, but a wide cross section of people who love to cook, all cultures, all ethnicities. The common thread is food and the love for cooking.

One thought on “We Outside Video Series a Stunning Success

  1. A. Aleong says:

    Love the show. Jason Peru makes it fun with his antics but an underlying seriousness of a talented chef. He’s brilliant. Love his emphasis on using local products. My Trini cooking has improved dramatically now that I can order some of the Chief products from Amazon. I live in the US and hope more Chief products will be available on Amazon like the Tandoori seasoning. Continue to support these shows.

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