Ensuring a delectable aroma is emitted from your oven. You should always be ready to accentuate their senses with your oven treats using Chief Brand Products Baking Supplies.



You will need:
1 Tbsp Chief Brand Powdered Cumin (Geera)
1 ½ Tbsp Chief Brand Grounded Coriander
1 Tbsp Chief Brand Garam Massala
1 Tsp Chief Brand Chilli Powder
1 Tsp of Chief Brand Turmeric Powder
5 Cloves Garlic (Minced)
4 Medium Onions (Minced)
5 Blades Chadon Beni
¼ Cup Chives
1/8 Cup Celery
3 Each Pimentos
4 Medium Tomatoes
4 Tbsp of Tomato Paste
1 Cup of Cashew Nuts
2 Tbsp Lemon Juice
8 Oz Plain Yogurt
2 ½ Cups Water
2 Tsp Chief Brand Black Pepper
2 Tsp Chief Brand Salt
4 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
1 Tsp Chief Brand Cumin (Geera)
2 Chief Brand Cardamom Pods
½ Tsp Chief Brand Fennel Seeds
¼ Tsp Chief Brand Fenugreek (Maithe)
1 Chief Brand Cinnamon Stick
3 Curry Leaves (Carrapoulay)
1 Lb of Extra Firm Cubed Tofu (Fried)
2 Cups of Fresh Mushrooms (Sliced)
3 Tbsp of Raisins
Fresh Chopped Fresh Cilantro (Garnish)



1. Place a small sauté pan over high heat; toast the spices, Powdered Cumin, Grounded Coriander, Garam Massala powder, Chili Powder and Turmeric Powder until fragrant (About one minute). Set aside.
2. In a food processor, add the garlic, onions, chadon beni, chives, celery and pimentos and process until minced. To that add the fresh tomatoes, tomato paste, cashew nuts and lemon juice. Process until cashew nuts becomes grainy.
3. Finally add your water, yogurt, black pepper and salt and process until a smooth consistency. Set Aside. This is your Yogurt & Cashew Nut Sauce.
4. Place a medium cast iron pot over medium to high heat. Add the vegetable Oil and when hot, add the whole geera, cardamom pods, fennel, maithe and cinnamon stick. Stir quickly until you hear the geera seeds popping. Immediately add the processed yogurt and cashew nut sauce to the hot pot.
5. Cook on medium heat for about 12- 15 minutes covered. You can add a cup of water at this time if mixture is thickening too quickly and sticking. Then add the mushrooms and tofu and cook for an additional 6 minutes uncovered stirring from time to time to prevent sticking. Season with Cilantro before serving


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