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You will need:
8 oz. rice
2 cup salted water
2 large onions
4 oz. carrots
1 small egg plant
1 green pepper
2 ripe tomatoes
8 oz. cauliflower
Oil for shallow frying
6 oz shelled or canned peas
¼ tsp. CHIEF garam massala
¼ tsp CHIEF saffron powder (turmeric powder)
½ tsp. CHIEF chilli powder
4 cloves
1” piece CHIEF cinnamon
4 oz almonds
Salt to taste



1. Cook rice until tender, drain
2. Slice the onion, carrots, eggplant and green pepper, quarter the tomatoes, break cauliflower into small florets
3. Heat some oil in a large iron pot, fry onions until light brown
4. Add peas, carrots and tomatoes and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes
5. Add the eggplant, green pepper, CHIEF Garam Massala, CHIEF saffron, CHIEF Chilli powder, cloves, and cinnamon
6. Simmer for another 15 min or until all vegetables are cooked
7. Season with salt
8. Add slivered almonds. Mix well
9. Add cooked rice and mix well
10. Cover and allow to sit for a few minutes. If canned peas are used, add at the end of cooking. Good with fried fish, chicken or barbecued chicken.

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