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You will need:
½ sweet dough recipe
1 tbsp. soft margarine
¼ cup granulated sugar
½ cup chopped nuts
1 tsp CHIEF cinnamon
¼ cup margarine melted
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup nuts, whole



1. Roll ½ sweet dough recipe after rinsing into a 9” x 12” rectangle
2. Brush with 1 tbsp. soft margarine and sprinkle with granulated sugar, CHIEF cinnamon and ½ cup chopped nuts
3. Roll like a jelly roll starting at longer side. Cut into 12 pieces
4. Combine melted margarine, brown sugar and whole nuts and spread at the bottom of an 8” x 8” square pan
5. Place slices cut side down in prepared pan
6. Cover and let rise until doubled 1 -1 ½ hours
7. Bake in preheated oven at 275F for 20-30 minutes. Invert at once on a serving plate

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