Ensuring a delectable aroma is emitted from your oven. You should always be ready to accentuate their senses with your oven treats using Chief Brand Products Baking Supplies.


Ingredients: You will need: 2 cup All-purpose flour 2 tsp. CHIEF baking powder ½ tsp CHIEF salt ¾ cup water 4 medium potatoes CHIEF Salt CHIEF Black pepper Hot pepper CHIEF Geera (ground roasted) Oil for frying


Directions:  1. Mix flour, CHIEF baking powder, CHIEF salt and water and knead lightly: set aside to relax, covered with a bowl or wet cloth. 2. Boil potatoes in salted water until tender, peel and mash well, season with CHIEF salt , CHIEF black pepper, hot pepper and Chief Geera (ground roasted) 3. Divide dough into 9 balls, flatten out balls into 4” circles and fill with potato: wet one edge with water, fold over and seal, enclosing all potato. 4. Deep fry until golden brown. Drain on brown paper 5. Makes 9 large pies. If balls are made smaller 12 medium sized aloo pies could be made.

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